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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 2, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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tensions rising in ukraine, and back here and u.s. ukrainians are having concerns over what happened in ukraine. for such get checked on the forecast. this leg of getting a little bit of a break after today's weather but that's gonna change after tomorrow due to another storm coming in.
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the next system just offshore it will come in tomorrow morning and for that the maafternoon. as is about the difference while the upper grades but skiethe bug girl is struck and killed by a freight train. it happened near old orchard and howell wrotrode she is an eighth grader at martina's high school.
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the accident is still under investigation. early saturday morning a gunman walked into the store, when he pulled a gun on the cashier. he shot a 31 year-old man who was latekilles severely hurt.
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the owners are considering colleges in a surveillance that system and lowering their weekend hours to make sure this doesn't happen again. words night john kerry will meet with keukrainian officials in
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kiev. the process has moved troops into ukraine and other west is outrage. russia has rented three military bases in ukraine and fear of an armed conflict is felt across the unitede world.
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seneca indians feel that this is a declaration of war and urged russia to pull back. john kerry states that this is an aggressiv ukrainian officials state that they need not only economic health the military helpe.
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. and great britain are suspending meetings at the moment. with the 100 people gathered in front of russian complex and called for prudent to back down .
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many are asking the u.s. to help ukraine. it was hollywood's big nine will recap some the winners of tonight's awards. [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay? uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one. [niece]okay! [uncle]okay?
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to afford warrants or a beautiful gown liza minnelli put on blue satin sheets, angelina
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sparkled like champagne and her silver embroidered gown, the epitome of the young go look like cinderella and the baby blue flowing dowgown. capon saibest movie 12 years of slave for a full list of oscar winners go to prague for dhakrom
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another major rainstorm is crossed by causing major probles across. the state. snow plows across the country are on standby waiting for the latest winter weather debt.
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hit. this is not the only preparation picture-taking many items like mel are out of stock in certain stores. and colorado keos on interstate more their 100 vehicles were stock on the freeway to to the slick conditions. the road was closed for hours wall the clean up the mess.
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it's not slobbering causing havoc in california.
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on sunday alone more than 1500 flights were canceled. call ahead before he had to care foyou had to the airport. is the total 75000 flights canceled across all airports in the united states.
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monday will be arraigned tuesday clouding wednesday mornine rain the rain will begin in the north bay and spread south as you go through the day0. . throughout the day the remote get steadier and have your.
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s modem and '60s for much of verism. this is clear up the% friday and it will hit '70s high '70's in the week had.
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the "weekend insider" with perspective on this week's top trending stories. >> i'm back in the saddle. >> how paula deen's now riding high. her new comeback interview and business venture. >> it's worth $75 million. >> our good week -- >> bad week with two music star break-ups. >> john mayer and katy perry. >> robin thicke and paula patton. >> and i my wife and me got separated a few days ago. >> nothing ever is perfect. >> plus -- >> you're always in the best places. >> i'm following you. >> our week with oprah and terry. >> how's that baby going? >> backstage at the image awards with the winners. >> this is huge. kev, i don't want to talk to you. >> my red carpet proposal. >> can i have your son's hand in marriage? >> then -- the new documentary about how this "young and the restless" star escaped life in a cult. >> what in this movie will shock us? >> corruption, deception, ped o'fillia. >> then i'm with the jacksons in vegas for their opening